2nd PU Exam 2023: 99.52% students of Expert PU College score first class, 76.76 % get distinction

 2nd PU Exam 2023: 99.52% students of Expert PU College score first class, 76.76 % get distinction
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Mangaluru, April 21, 2023: Expert PU College Kodialbail and Valachil have achieved a remarkable feat in the 2nd PUC Board Examination conducted this year, with an outstanding 99.52% of students securing first-class marks or more.

Of these high-achieving pupils, six scored over 590 marks, while an impressive 231 earned more than 95% marks, and 759 students earned over 90% marks. Additionally, 1113 students secured over 85% marks, and 1286 students achieved more than 80% marks, according to a press statement from the College.

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The success of these students extends beyond just high scores, as well. Four pupils managed to earn 100 marks in four subjects, while nine students achieved this feat in three subjects. A further 38 individuals achieved a perfect score in two subjects, and 97 pupils secured 100 marks in one subject. Notably, 67 students earned a perfect score in Physics, while eight pupils did so in Chemistry, 75 students in Biology, 92 students in Mathematics, five in Statistics, 21 in Computer Science, one in Electronics, and 23 in Sanskrit.

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The college topper, Manasvi Hegde, achieved an impressive 593 marks, earning her the fourth rank in the state. Other high-performing students include Anushree Mankare, D. Navami M. Pai, Byresh S.H., and Ananthakrishnan P, all of whom earned 590 marks each and secured 100 marks in four subjects. Anika P., who scored 591 marks and 100 in three subjects, as well as Tanvi Anil Giriradder, who secured 100 marks in two subjects, both achieved excellent results. Yashas Gowda N., who earned a perfect score in three subjects, also secured an impressive 590 marks. Adithi B N, Shreya Y J, Shaamik Abdul Rehman, Saathwika, Shreevatsa Lakshman Hegde, Safeena Yamanoorasab Beleri, Sanvi H S, Veekshith V H, Hemachandra C, Sushrut Raghuveer Nayak, Anvitha D, and Samriddha Mukhopadhyay all scored 589 marks.

Furthermore, Adhya S Niranjan, Mohammed Umair, Abhay Mahantesh Zalaki, Madhupriya K M, and Swastik J achieved 584 marks, while Anushka R Rao, Dhanya R, Satwik Hegde, Rishika Vishesha H K, and Charvi Laxmi scored 583. Other high achievers include Rachana H A, Yana P Meti, Nino Francisco Dias, Vaishnavi, Athmik H Sooda, Amrutha Chandrakanth Bhat, Rahul Y., Dhanya V Karabari, Siddhesh RV Akshaya Shree V R., Yojith Halemane, Raniya R Attar, Rishvik D Hettur, Disha T P, Brajesh Pai P N, Shaza Fathima, Shreeya Bellare Kamath, Sathyajith J Shetty, Pratham M Mallya, Suvvada Shankara Narayana Rao, Ananthakrishnan P, Inchara P. Gowda, Sanjana Srinivas, Kruthika M B, Sudhanva N Tandige, K G Preethi, Dheemanth J, Eshwar M, Shravya Sudarshan, H Shrishanth Udupa, Monika K, Sumedh Udupa Uppinkudru and Shreevathsa Kuthethoor scored 580 marks.

Prof. Narendra L. Nayak, Chairman of the Institution has complimented the achievers on behalf of the management, teaching and non teaching staff.

Every year  Expert Educational Institution achieves excellent results not only in the2nd PUC board examination but also in state and national competitive examinations.  Even this year its students are continuing this trend. 

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