Srinivas University: Institute of Physiotherapy hosts “Rang Reza”

 Srinivas University: Institute of Physiotherapy hosts “Rang Reza”
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Mangaluru, March 12, 2023: Srinivas University’s Institute of Physiotherapy in Mangaluru organized “Rang Reza” on March 11 to commemorate Holi.

The program was chaired by Dr. A. Raghavendra Rao, the Chancellor of Srinivasa University.

Dr. A. Srinivasa Rao, the Pro-Chancellor of Srinivasa University, Prof. Mitra S. Rao, a Trustee Member of the Srinivas University Board of Governors, served as the Chief Guests.

Dr. P.S. Aital, Vice Chancellor of Srinivasa University, Dr. Ajay Kumar, the Development Registrar of Srinivasa University, and Dr. Rajasekhar S., the Dean of the Institute of Physiotherapy.

The students performed dances and celebrated the Holi festival.

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