Mumbai International Airport experiences remarkable upswing in passenger movement during January

 Mumbai International Airport experiences remarkable upswing in passenger movement during January
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  • Catering to nearly 4.5 million passengers, CSMIA achieves pre-Covid mark for the month of January 2023.
  • Passenger traffic surged by 149% as compared to January 2022.
  • Domestic passenger traffic represented around 61% of the overall passenger movement during the month.

Mumbai, Jan 14, 2023: Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has started the new year on a high note with nearly 4.5 million passenger movements recorded in January 2023.

As India’s second busiest airport, CSMIA witnessed a significant growth in passenger traffic, with nearly 1.2 million international passengers and around 3.2 million domestic passengers.

The increase in passenger traffic is a testament to CSMIA’s efforts in this regard as well as the passenger confidence in the safety initiatives and protocols adopted by the airport.

CSMIA, in January 2023, has played host to approximately 4.5 million passengers across 27,331 flights, which is 149% higher than the number in January 2022 movement. Out of the overall passenger movement, CSMIA witnessed 61% domestic passenger traffic and the rest 39% were international travellers. With an average footfall on 140,641 passengers across 882 flights, CSMIA is hopeful to be consistent and gain the growth momentum steadily. 

This rise in travellers was driven by positive sentiments among air travellers and a strong surge due to the festive holiday season. Moreover, CSMIA, handled a record single day passenger movement of around 1,50,988 travellers in December 2022, transiting through the airport. This record traffic in a single day proves passengers’ rising confidence in CSMIA’s initiatives towards improved customer experience.

Dubai, London, and Abu Dhabi held the spot as the top three international destinations from Mumbai. Whereas Delhi, Bengaluru, and Goa continue to retain their position as the top three domestic destinations. CSMIA currently acts as a gateway to 65 domestic and 47 international destinations for passengers from Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

CSMIA with its passenger-centric approach, aims to be a world-class airport, pursuing excellence while creating a safe, secure, and efficient airport ecosystem. With the goal of serving as a “Gateway to Goodness,” CSMIA is resolutely committed to looking beyond the challenges with a holistic approach and providing passengers with a seamless travel experience.

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