Karnataka Govt issues Covid guidelines

 Karnataka Govt issues Covid guidelines
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Udupi, Dec 26, 2022: Considering the current scenario of Covid -19 in the State and Bengaluru city and following the risk assessment in the light of global surge of cases in few countries, Gol has issued guidelines recently.

Detailed deliberations on the same are made by State Covid-19 TAC & review by Minister for Revenue and Minister for Health & Medical Education and’ hence the following guidelines for compliance are issued herewith as mentioned below.

1. International Arrivals:

On arrival at the airport:

The symptomatics from KIAL, Bengaluru & Mangalore Airport shall be taken to the designated medical facility, viz., Bowring Hospital, Bangalore and Wenlock Hospital, Mangaluru respectively for Quarantine; and managed as per the existing Covid protocol.

Alternatively the symptomatic passengers can choose the nearest eligible private hospital for Quarantine, under intimation to Health Authorities and the cost shall be borne by the individuals themselves.

Post arrival at the airport:

Those who provide RTPCR sample and leave the airpert,- shall await for the results of RT-PCR test. During this period, they shall remain under Home Quarantine and shall self-monitor their health for Covid symptoms and observe strict compliance to Covid appropriate behaviour (CAB) like wearing of face mask, social distancing, practice respiratory and hand hygiene, etc. for next seven days. In the meantime, if they develop symptoms like fever, cough, cold, body ache, head ache, loss of taste and smell, diarrhoea, breathing difficulty, etc. they shall immediately report to the local surveillance / health team and shift to the designated medical facility (Government or Private) for further management and treatment.

If the result of the RT – PCR test is positive:

The sample is sent for WGS (if Ct value < 25).

The person if asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, shall undergo strict home isolation (subject to assessment by the surveillance team regarding suitability of the facilities for home isolation and compliance by the infected person) as per protocol, ordinarily for 7 days or till the WGS report is received, whichever is earlier.

If the person is symptomatic (moderate to severe), s/he shall be immediately shifted to designated medical facility (Government or Private) for further management.

If the WGS report (usually received after seven days) reveals BF7 or a new sub variant/variant, then another sample is taken for RT-PCR and the person shall follow CAB strictly till the results are known.

If the result of the test is negative, they shall continue to self-monitor their health for Covid symptoms and with strict compliance to Covid appropriate behaviour (CAB) like wearing of face mask, social distancing, practice respiratory and hand hygiene, etc. for next seven days.

On arrival at the airport for Children under 12 years:

They shall follow the same protocol as for adults except that a parent / guardian in good health shall accompany the child to the designated medical facility or be the care giver, if the child is kept under home isolation for being asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.

Further, the exercise of 2% random testing of International arrivals at BIAL, Bengaluru and Mangaluru Airport shall continue and any further guidelines issued in this regard by Gol shall be followed.

2. To General Public and Event organizers – New Year’s eve, New Year celebrations and other events /occasions:

All celebrations in connection with New Year’s eve ( 31st Dec 2022) , and New Year ( 1st Jan 2023) should be completed by 1 am on ist Jan 2023 & 2nd Jan 2023 respectively.

All large assemblies shall be strictly outdoor and as far-as ‘possible in the day, avoiding chills of the late night and early morning. The prescribed capacity of the areas shall not be exceeded, particularly in the indoor areas (seating) like hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, resorts, etc.

Elderly (over 60 years of age) and those with co-morbidities, pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid such assemblies.

The organizers, managers and service staff shall preferably receive booster dose vaccination. However two dose vaccination is expected,

At the entry point –

  • Multiple entries shall be made to avoid crowding.
  • Compulsory face masking and social distancing throughout the event shall be ensured in the indoor areas.
  •  “No mask No entry “signage shall be prominently displayed.
  • There shall be thermal screening (for fever >100.5 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 ‘ degrees Celsius) for all.
  • Those with fever and/or respiratory symptoms like cough, running nose, etc. shall be referred to seek medical consultation.
  • There shall be application of hand sanitizer to everyone in case of indoor events.

In case of large scale events, the organizers shall ensure an arrangement / linkage with the nearest specialty hospital for ambulance services and shifting the sick person quickly from the venue.

Mandatory Masking at Theatres:

All theatre goers have to wear N-95 face mask. The entry staff would have to ensure this.

3. Covid 19 testing and Vaccination:

The daily target of Covid 19 testing, as already assigned are to be achieved & the same should be monitored by BBMP & District Health Authorities on daily basis.

The booster dose vaccination shall be accelerated, in line with supplies, so that the coverage shall be improved from existing 21% to 50% during Dec 2022 –

Jan 2023, by organizing vaccination camps at all levels.

4. Covid 19 Committees at District Level:

The existing committee under the Chairmanship of the Chief Commissioner -BBMP & Deputy Commissioners at District level shall oversee the preparedness & monitoring of Covid infrastructure , HR availability, Drugs & logistics for timely management of Covid 19 cases. Health Dept shall continually review the functioning of these Committees and provide them guidance.

The State / District Health Authorities and BBMP Health Authorities need to ensure that the above mentioned guidelines are complied with, in order to sustain the gains achieved so far in Covid-19 prevention and control.

Click here to download the guideline copy

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