Jaggesh seeks speedy completion of NH 75 work

 Jaggesh seeks speedy completion of NH 75 work
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Mangaluru, Dec 15, 2022: Travelling on NH 75 between Mangaluru and Bengaluru has turned out to be a nightmare.

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Jaggesh took up this issue and dragged the attention of the government during the parliament session today under special mention.

Jaggesh narrated the sorry condition of the road and specially mentioned the bad condition of 16 km stretch between Donigal and Maranahalli and also the slow pace of the road widening work of the NH.

He stated the danger it poses to the people especially during monsoon and demanded the speedy completion of the work.

The road plays an important role in trade and commerce and is the lifeline between the Coastal districts and the capital.

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