Railway UTS App goes smarter with QR Code enabled ticketing from stations

 Railway UTS App goes smarter with QR Code enabled ticketing from stations
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Mangaluru, Oct 11, 2022: Railway unreserved ticketing goes smarter by introducing QR code based ticket generation from Station.

Prior to this,  taking tickets with UTS App was possible only from  20 metres distance (and within five kilometers) from the journey commencing station.

In Palakkad Division, the facility of booking tickets using  QR code  is  now available at 61 railway stations except 24 Halt stations operated by Halt agents.

Simple Steps

Passengers can book unreserved tickets  using UTS App enabled Smart phones by following simple steps.

In the App, under the ‘Book Ticket’ menu, an option is available for  QR Booking.

By Scanning the QR code, provided at the Station, passengers can enter into the ticketing system  and can  select their destination and proceed for payment.  

Payment for the ticket  can be made through  cashless transactions / digital payments i.e. using Railway Wallet or UPI or Debit/Credit cards / Net Banking modes etc.

Platform ticket and renewal of Season ticket booking  is also  possible through UTS App by  scanning the  QR Code provided at the station.    

Railway Unreserved (General) Ticket

Short distance passengers in Railways mainly depend on the Unreserved tickets. Railway ensured hassle free ticketing at Stations through following means.

(i) Booking counters &  JTBS 

Railway  provided booking offices/ Station Ticket Booking Sevaks  (STBS) at l stations to issue the unreserved (general)  ticket. At halt stations, Halt agents are engaged  to issue tickets.  As the major segment utilising the facility are commuters, the peak hour rush in the morning and evening are high at these counters. In order to ease the peak hour booking railway has appointed  Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sevaks( JTBS)  outside the station.

(ii)ATVMs & UPI enable New generation ATVMS

Further,Automatic Ticket Vending Machines ( ATVMs)  are provided to book tickets directly by passengers using the smart card brought out  by the Railways. Smart Card holders are entitled for a 3% bonus on the recharges done.  In addition, UPI is also enabled in the new generation ATVMs which do not require Smart Cards are provided at important stations. In addition,  ATVM facilitators are deployed  to help passengers in Ticket Booking  through the machines. 

(iii) UTS App (Mobile)  based ticketing & QR Code enabled UTS App 

Keeping pace with changing time, Railways introduced App based ticketing in 2018. Using the App, ticketing was possible when the passenger is 20 metres away from the journey commencing station and within the 5 kilometre radius.  Now an upgradation of App QR code based ticketing  from the originating station has been introduced. With this, e-tickets can be generated at the station by scanning the  QR code provided at the station.

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