Tene Habba, Navanna Bhojana held at Kateel Temple

 Tene Habba, Navanna Bhojana held at Kateel Temple
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Kateel, Aug 29, 2022: The ‘Tene Habba,’ was held at Kateelu Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple on Monday.

‘Tene,’ (ears of Paddy), was carried into the temple in a traditional way. Hereditary Archak Sri Lakshminarayana Asranna offered Pooje to the ‘Tene,’ inside the temple in the presence of Ananthapadmanabha Asranna, Venkataramana Asranna, Kamaladeviprasada Asranna, Sriharinarayana Asranna and Kumar Asranna.  

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As per the tradition the Tene Habba is held at the temple on the Hasta Nakshatra of Bhadrapada Masa. But if the Hasta Nakshatra falls on Tuesday or Saturday then it is held the day before (on Uttara Nakshatra).

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In the afternoon ‘Navanna Bhojana,’ was also held.

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