Mumbai Airport’s efforts towards sustaining green landscape

 Mumbai Airport’s efforts towards sustaining green landscape
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Mumbai, July 28, 2022: Among the bustling city and the noisy traffic, one can find solace as they walk through the corridors of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA).

Passengers travelling through the airport get a breath of fresh air as they walk through the aesthetic lush green ‘Tropical beauty’. CSMIA’s holistic efforts towards sustainable initiatives were the genesis of this colossal project, which not only is a décor to admire but also relives and calms anxious passengers travelling through the airport.

Landscape area stretching over 80,000sqm, CSMIA has over 4,000 trees in it premise which include 136 different species of shrubs, ground covering plants, palm trees, climbers & creepers, and more.  Among the total number of trees found inside the perimeter of the airport. over 230 are flowering trees. The Airside area has approx.11,22,724 SQM of green cover which is mainly grass. CSMIA’s incorporation of the indoor garden has always helped weary passengers reduce stress and boost positivity. The bold, vibrant colours, and fragrant shrubs will delight and help soothe anxious passengers during their journey.

The aesthetically pleasing horticulture has some interesting and unique characteristics making it one of its kind in India-

  • CSMIA has the biggest palm plantation on an elevated road in India with 1800 Foxtail palm planted and maintained over the last 9 years on elevated Road (Flyover)
  • The airport has the biggest interior landscape in India with more than 1000 sqm of Green walls installed on scattered locations of Terminal-2 (T2)
  • More than 20,000 sqm of landscape area is not on the true ground, but on a terrace or podium, and the plants are planted by creating a waterproofed surface, drainage layer, lightweight growing media, irrigation system, etc.
  • A significant component of T2 is the in-situ planting, green walls, and water features within and around the building. In India, this is the first integrated terminal with in-situ indoor planting at all levels. The landscaping at the airport, which purifies the air and provides passengers with calmness and tranquility, has played a significant role in helping the airport acquire the prestigious LEEDS and IGBC certification.

CSMIA understands that anxious travellers will benefit and rejuvenate from the green environment at the airport and has always worked relentlessly to maintain the greenery, even during the pandemic. More greenery will only add and help boost positivity, improve the overall well-being, provide fresh air to comfort passengers. Over 93 gardeners, 07 supervisors, 06 horticulturists & 06 irrigation technicians with over 10 to 25 years of expertise support CSMIA with design, procurement, and top-quality maintenance of the green cover at the airport and the nurseries. All major plant, irrigation, and landscape material- services suppliers are sourced within India and some around the world to develop, maintain and renovate horticulture. 

In an effort to use green products, CSMIA uses lightweight biodegradable growing media (Cocopeat), which is used for podium-terrace gardens and as part of growing media for plant production in a nursery. This enhances growth in plants and also reduces water usage. Water from CSMIA’s Sewage treatment plant (STP) is widely used for horticulture purposes and organic manure and environment-friendly pesticides are used to maintain the landscape. CSMIA has an automated pressurised irrigation system that covers 80% landscape area which saves more than 50% of water than conventional watering.

In the past few years, CSMIA has planted over 8000 of trees at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, and 1200 trees at degraded forest land- in Navi Mumbai in association with an NGO. CSMIA every year on several occasions also distributes saplings grown at the airport’s nursery to staff and passengers. In recognition of its unique environment conservation initiatives, CSMIA has received several accolades for its green landscape, the recent one being the re-certification of T2 as PLATINUM rated Green Existing Building Project for the second consecutive time. With the aviation industry being one of the key contributors to carbon emissions, CSMIA has always been proactive in introducing several initiatives which focus on renewable energy, carbon management system, water management, and effective waste management system amongst others. Prioritizing various aspects of nature conservation, CSMIA endeavours to work towards increasing operational efficiency through sustainable means in the coming years.

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