Udupi: No holiday for schools, attendance not compulsory

 Udupi: No holiday for schools, attendance not compulsory
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Udupi, July 11, 2022: As rain receded in the district, schools will reopen in the Udupi district on Tuesday. No holiday has been declared on July 12. However, the district administration has asked all the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions not to make attendance compulsory.

The district administration has asked the educational institutions to

  • Not to make attendance compulsory for the students.
  • The students who have to cross rivulets, streams are suggested to be safe at home
  • No classes should be held in buildings that are in dilapidated condition
  • If a majority of the students are unable to attend classes due to a flood, such an institution should declare a holiday.
  • To compensate for the rain holidays, classes should be held on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.
  • Parents and Teachers should ensure students do not venture to low-lying areas or near water bodies.
  • Ensure the safety of the vehicles used for taking the students.
  • Students should be provided with information on managing natural calamities.
  • If there are trees in a dangerous condition on the premises of the educational institutions, steps should be taken to clear them with taking necessary permission.

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