Coast Guard co-ordinates marine pollution response off Mangaluru Coast

 Coast Guard co-ordinates marine pollution response off Mangaluru Coast
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Mangaluru, June 23, 2022: The Indian Coast Guard which rescued the 15 foreign mariners from MV Princess Miral that was grounded off Mangaluru on June 21, has launched preventive measures to prevent Marine Pollution.

The grounded vessel is reported to be carrying more than 220 metric tons of fuel onboard.

Indian Coast Guard is the Central Co-coordinating Agency for Marine Pollution Response in India. It is coordinating with various stakeholders like the State administration, Disaster management Authority, Pollution Control Board, New Mangalore Port Authority, Mangalore refinery, and petrochemicals Ltd, etc. to prevent any threat of large scale oil spill from the vessel. So far, only minor sheen of oil, assessed to be from engine bilges and dirty water tanks has been observed.

For this, the Coast Guard has deployed 6 vessels, 2 Dornier aircraft in PR configuration along with 2 vessels from local resource agencies for monitoring, mapping, and combating the oil spill in the area.

To achieve sustained operations, a specialized pollution control vessel, ICGS Samudra Pavak was sailed from Porbandar which will be arriving in the early morning of June 25. The entire area is being continuously monitored for any marine pollution eventuality.

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