Sugamya Cane Device assists Visually Impaired

 Sugamya Cane Device assists Visually Impaired
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New Delhi, June 14, 2022: Sugamya Cane Device is an Assistive Aids consisting of Sugamya Cane Sensor and a Normal Foldable White Cane, assists to a Visually Impaired Person intelligently in mobility and direction-finding.

Sugamya Cane assists in walking and detects obstacles that come within detection zone of sensor. Sensor is mounted on foldable White Cane which can be easily folded as and when required by user with help of hanging elastic provided at right side of hand grip for strapping the folded cane.  

The Sugamya Cane have the Ultrasonic sensors to detect the numerous objects, which comes in the path of the user in certain direction & distance range and conveys message as a vibratory patterns produced by a vibrator Device can be powered on using the Power ON/ OFF sliding switch provided at the Left side of Sensor and below the Charging slot. To Power ON the device, slide the switch in the direction of Embossed power symbol. While turning ON the device short beeps will be generated along with Vibrations signaling which indicate power are turned ON.

Two mode of detection has been provided in the Sugamya Cane, while moving in outdoor environment, longer range can be convenient and for Indoor environment Shorter range can be convenient.

A slide switch for range selection provided at the right side of sensor is used to select the two detection range of sensor i.e. short range and long range.

1.First Position of Range Selection1.5 MeterWhile using the device in crowded places,the short range mode is recommended
2.Second position ofRange selection3 MeterWhile using the device in vacant area, the long range mode is recommended

For optimum uses of this device, adjustable mechanism for Sensor position is provided and adjustment of Sensor can be done as per suitability by pressing the sensor gently at the end point of sensor.

1.First Position (Top Position)Top position is recommended for very tall users (25 Degree)
 2.Second Position (Bottom Position)Bottom position is recommended for average height users. (35 Degree)

Sugamya Cane device has a re-chargeable Lithium Ion Battery, Provides the enough back up for user while using the device. It required approx. 5 Hrs to full charge the battery and once it charged fully, may be used for 3 to 4 days by user.

Sugamya Cane also provide indication of full battery charged (in form of long beep at the time of powering ON once battery charge is above 90%) and low battery charge indication (once battery charge falls below 30%). In order to charge the Battery, Similar charging Slot (Micro USB-B) as used in Smart Phone provided for user convenience at left side of Sensor with additional safety cover. User can uncover the charging slot and charge the battery by connecting plug of charger to power source and inserting the micro usb male connector in the charging slot. It is recommended to use the charger provided by ALIMCO, however, Good quality Smart phone charger cab be used for charging the battery.

Comfortable and extended Handle provided as a Hand grip. A Hand grip at the handle helps the user feel the vibrations generated during detection of obstacle in sensing range of Sensor. It is obligatory for the user to hold the Hand grip of the device in such a way that the sensor is directed forward in the direction of approaching/ stationary obstacles. Sugamya Cane is combination of Sensor and White Cane. White Cane is set of 04 piece of Pipe and Sensor is mounted on the Top piece of pipe. All 04 pieces of pipes are attached to each other in such a way that it can be easily folded. Hanging Elastic provided at the Top of device is used for strapping the folded cane.

Dimensions of Sugamya Cane in mm (L x W x H) -1105 x 42 x 56.

Complete Weight of Sugamya Cane – 348 gram, very light weight and comfortable.

Sugamya Cane can be detached from white cane as and when it is necessary and can be re attached using a simple screwing mechanism.

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