Karnataka makes face mask compulsory

 Karnataka makes face mask compulsory
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Bengaluru, April 25, 2022: The Karnataka government has made wearing of face mask compulsory. An order in connection to this has been issued by the state government.

Delhi, Haryana, and Tamil Nadu have seen an upsurge in Covid cases and a slight increase in the daily incidence of Covid cases is observed in Karnataka too. As a proactive step to minimize the upsurge of Covid cases, the government has issued the order as per the recommendations of the State Covid 19 Technical Advisory Committee.

“The wearing of face covering/mask by the public is compulsory in all public places, in workplaces, and during transport. Similarly spitting in public places will be punishable with fine as may be prescribed in accordance with its laws, rules, or regulations by the local authorities,” the order stated.

“Further, individuals must maintain social distancing, a minimum distance of 2 feet in public places,” it added.

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