Karwar Naval Base celebrates World Health Day

 Karwar Naval Base celebrates World Health Day
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Karwar, April 09, 2022: To celebrate World Health Day, Karnataka Naval Area Headquarters in association with the Karwar Institute of Medical Science organized a voluntary blood donation camp in the Naval Base on April 7.

Rear Admiral Atul Anand, Flag Officer Commanding Karnataka Naval Area (FOK) inaugurated the event.

More than 100 volunteers participated in the Blood Donation Camp which helped to create a reserve pool of blood at the Blood Bank of KIMS, Karwar to meet the requirements of the people.

Indian Naval Ships Vikramaditya and Trikand organized a ‘Health Walk’ at Naval Base Karwar on April 3 to enhance camaraderie and encourage personnel to adopt healthy lifestyles.

The ship’s company of Vikramaditya also performed ‘Surya Namaskar at sunrise onboard the Aircraft Carrier and thereafter, attended a workshop that focused on primary health care.

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