When buddies treasure their travel

 When buddies treasure their travel
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Mangaluru, Oct 20, 2021: They like traveling. For many years two friends- Shailesh Ujire and Krishna Prashanth have been touring places of interest in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, and Chikkamagaluru districts. They ‘treasure’ some of the most interesting things about these places.

Now these ‘Guys on Wheels,’ are on YouTube spreading out their experience.

During weekends or on holidays people like to go on some short trips. They would prefer to go to places to enjoy but do not burden their pockets. The ‘Guys on Wheels’ cater their audience with ‘minimum budget maximum enjoyment’ destinations.

SDM College Computer Science Department HOD Shailesh Kumar Ujire and Krishna Prashanth of the Journalism department are the two ‘Guys on Wheels.’

In five days the Channel has got 300 plus subscribers.

The first video on the Karinja temple was released on Friday. With attractive professional videography including drone captures, it has got over 1,000 views in four days. The second video Ghatikallu released two days ago too has a good response.

“There are many who want to explore new places and want to vent their stress by visiting some places of interest. Our effort to cater to these people,” Shailesh Ujire told The Canara Post.

The team does not want to be ‘one more,’ channel. The quality of photos, videos, and editing are given utmost importance.

“We work as a team. Krishna Prashanth is good at shooting and editing and I like driving and visiting places. At present we are having short videos of about 15 minutes which will have all the details related to the place including the route map. We want each of our videos to be like a referral document for anybody who wants to tour DK, Udupi, and Chikkamagaluru,” he said.

The Guys are also influenced by the relaxation videos which are familiar in foreign countries.

“Shortly we will bring similar videos which stretch for about one hour. The first one will be the Kottigehara-Ujire stretch. These relaxation videos will be an experience by themselves. The video will give the experience of traveling and being one with nature,” he added.

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