People seek Anshi Ghat road open for buses, truck

 People seek Anshi Ghat road open for buses, truck
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People seek Anshi Ghat road open for buses, truck

Karwar, Sept 24, 2021: Villagers and elected representatives of Joida have requested the district administration to allow buses and heavy vehicles carrying constructions materials on Anshi Ghat.

They submitted a memorandum to the Additional DC on Thursday.

The State Highway 34 on Anshi Ghat was severely damaged due to a landslide during the monsoon. It was partially repaired by the people led by former Zilla Panchayat member Ramesh Naik. As the permanent work is remaining the district administration has allowed light vehicles only from 6 am to 6 pm.

However, people and activists have stressed the need to allow light vehicles round the clock and also heavy vehicles carrying construction materials.

“The people of Karwar and Joida depend on this road for their daily activity. It is the lifeline for the people of this region as it connects people to hospitals, schools, and colleges. Thus the bus service should resume on this stretch,” Ramesh Jo Naika of Joida stated in a memorandum.

Sand and construction materials should be allowed on this route, he added.

Contractors Association president Madhav Nayak too stressed the opening up of the road.

“The boulders and m-sand for construction work in Karwar- Kadra region comes from Belagavi and nearby areas. While it is about 80 km from Anshi Ghat, the vehicles should now take the long route and cover about 250 km. This will not only consume time but also increase the cost,” Madhav Nayak said.

“Similar is the case for those who want to transport sand from the coastal region to Joida and nearby areas. So we requested the district administration to allow the vehicles carrying construction materials,” he said.

He also stressed the need to allow buses as it is the common mode of transport for people.

Krishna Desai, Digambara Desai, Praveen Naik, Ratnakar Desai, Manjunath Mukashi, Aruna Desai, Zuber Shekh, Mangesh Kamath, Anantha Bhat, Ramachandra Bhat, Tushar Suntanakar, Nandu Teli, Santu Monthero, Sameer, Ramesh M Naik, Kishore Prabhu, Mustak Shekh, Ganapare, Preeti Prashanth Teli, Datta Desai and Aruna Naik were present.

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