Confusion over implementation of Covid rules

 Confusion over implementation of Covid rules
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Parents in Dakshina Kannada are in a fix on sending their 2nd PUC children to the physical classes from September 1.

Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts are known as education hub and are famous for religious tourism. But people are confused about the enforcement of Covid rules in these two fields.

While on the positive side, the positivity rate is seeing a downward trend in Dakshina Kannada district, the concerning issue for the parents is that the 2nd PUC students, who are below 18 years, have not yet been vaccinated. The high positivity rate in neighboring Kerala is another issue.

“The government had vaccinated degree students on priority as it wanted to start classes in August. But in Dakshina Kannada, it was postponed as the positivity rate is over 2 percent. The degree classes have been asked not to open till Sep 15. But now PU classes will start from Sep 1. Our children have not got even one dose of vaccine. We are scared to send our children to colleges,” Ganesh, whose son is a 2nd PU student said.

“Considering the high positivity rate the administration has postponed Degree classes and also 9th and 10th standard classes. It is better if the government starts even PUC with those,” he added. Ganesh has decided to opt for online classes for his son.

People feel that there is a need for a clear decision on how the district should face the present situation.

Earlier the rules were the same throughout the state. But now the government has left it for the district administration to take decisions by considering the positivity rate. For a district like Dakshina Kannada and Udupi, which have a high positivity rate, this is a very crucial stage.

The officials, ruling and opposition party leaders, and the representatives of various sections should discuss and decide on how to go about it. The elected representatives cannot simply put the responsibility on the officials.

There are many incidents where the district administration takes decisions but finds difficulty in implementation.
For example the weekend curfew is imposed in the district. But in many places, there are clear violations. Shops are found open even during weekend curfew.

Similar is the case on restrictions on temples on some temples.

“The district administration has banned anna danam. The devotees who would earlier have lunch in spacious temples now go to the small hotels and crowd there for lunch,” Rathan a devotee who had recently been to a famous temple said.

The government should ensure that the reason behind the restriction is fulfilled instead of just issuing orders.

The Dakshina Kannada district administration is facing one of the tough challenges and it is the responsibility of the people to join hands to fight Covid. The team led by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Rajendra K V has done a commendable task in fighting Covid and ensuring the positivity rate decreases.

With various festivals fast approaching the district administration has the responsibility of taking people into confidence and taking measures to control Covid instead of passing orders.

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