SDPI to protest against LPG price hike

 SDPI to protest against LPG price hike
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Mangaluru, Aug 23, 2021: For the next ten days, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) will organize series of protests against the hike in LPG price.

District Secretary Anwar Sadat Bajattur said that the common man is affected by the continuous increase in the price of cooking gas.

“People are already suffering due to Covid and lockdown. At this juncture, the Central government is increasing the LPG rate. The government is unable to understand the problem of the poor. Instead, the Modi government is involved in taking up sentimental issues to strengthen its vote bank. It is also working for the Corporates,” he alleged.

“SDPI strongly opposes this. From today for the next ten days we will organize various types of protests right from village level,” he added.

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