Srinivas Hospital performs complex surgery

 Srinivas Hospital performs complex surgery
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Mangalore, July 28:, 2021 Srinivas Medical College has successfully performed a complex surgery on a person who was injured in a road accident at Karwar few days ago.

Manjunath, a 35-year-old person from Karwar, met with a road accident and suffered severe head and chest injuries. He had an unstable cervical spine (neck) fracture with near-complete paralysis of limbs.

He needed prolonged surgery on the neck to prevent further injury to the spinal cord and to aid in recovery. Unfortunately, he had severe breathing difficulties and was not fit to undergo any major surgeries.

Meanwhile, initial tests revealed that he was positive for covid 19 which made treatment even more complicated due to the need for isolation and the risk that any prolonged surgery would pose.

Manjunath underwent tracheostomy (a tube inserted into the windpipe from the neck) to help with caring for lungs during covid isolation in ICU with concerted efforts from Dr. Anitha, Dr. Sunil and the team from the Department of Medicine, Dr. Prashanth Kumar and team (Anaesthesia), Dr. Deepak Suraparaju, Junior Resident Dr. Alam (Neurosurgery), Postgraduate students, nursing, and support staff.

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Care was taken to ensure he did not develop any complications related to paralysis, bedridden status, or infections.

Manjunath successfully underwent cervical spine decompression and fixation using titanium screws and rods under Neurosurgery care.

With rehabilitation, his limb power gradually improved and he was able to sit without support and discharged about 26 days post-admission.

He is expected to make a complete recovery with time.

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