CPIM opposes hike in bus fare

 CPIM opposes hike in bus fare
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Mangaluru, July 02, 2021: CPIM has strongly opposed the hike in bus fare approved by the district administration.

“The private bus owners have decided to increase the bus fare when people are suffering due to Covid. This has been approved by the district administration. It is like rubbing salt on the wound,” CPIM Mangaluru City South secretary Sunil Kumar Bajal and North Secretary Dayanand Shetty said in a joint press statement.

He demanded the district administration not to approve the hiked rate.

“The central government has failed to handle Covid situation. Due to the wrong policies, the financial situation is in a sorry condition. All these have pushed the life of the lower and middle class to misery,” the leaders said.

“The government should have waived the tax in the transport sector. While Kerala has done this, the Karnataka government has shown complete negligence. Now the bus owners have transferred their burden to the people by increasing the bus fare. Without listening to the people, the district administration has approved it,” they expressed their anger.

“The district administration should immediately call RTA meeting and should not allow any hike in the fare,” CPIM leaders demanded. They warned strong opposition if the district administration continued with its decision.

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