Bridge rehabilitation experts from Bengaluru to study Maravoor bridge

 Bridge rehabilitation experts from Bengaluru to study Maravoor bridge
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Updated: 11.55 am

Mangaluru, June 15, 2021: A team of Bridge rehabilitation experts will visit the Maravoor bridge.

“The team comprising engineers and consultants will come from Bengaluru and access the safety and stability of the bridge and also see on the restoration work. Until then no movement will be allowed on the bridge,” Deputy Commissioner Dr. Rajendra K V told reporters after visiting the bridge.

Officials told the Canara Post that the bridge damaged today was built in 1968. The work of the new bridge is in progress near the present one. Officials had set 25 lakh for the restoration (strengthening the bearing and other works) of the present bridge. The restoration work was scheduled after the new bridge was inaugurated.

Meanwhile, officials have suggested alternate roads for the vehicles from Mangaluru and Udupi.

“Those coming from Udupi side to airport should take Mulki-Kinnigoli-Kateel-Bajpe route and those from Mangaluru and Kasargod should take Nanthroor-Vamanjoor-Gurupura-Kaikamba-Bajpe route,” Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar told reporters.

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Vital link to Mangaluru Airport ‘under stress’, alternate route suggested

Mangaluru, June 15, 2021: Maravoor Bridge- the vital link to Mangaluru Airport sunk in the wee hours of Tuesday. This forced the authorities to announce alternate routes for people commuting towards Kateel, Bajpe in general, and Mangaluru International Airport in particular.

This the second bridge built across River Phalguni that has been damaged in three years. The Moolarapatna bridge at Bantwal was damaged on June 25, 2018.

According to officials, people traveling on the bridge noticed the first portion of the bridge had sunk. They brought it to the notice of the officials who suspended the movement of the vehicle on the bridge immediately.

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