Greens to approach HC on Maravoor sand mining

 Greens to approach HC on Maravoor sand mining
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Mangaluru, June 15, 2021: Environmentalists who allege the damage to the Maravoor dam is because of illegal sand mining, have decided to knock on the doors of the court seeking an in-depth probe into illegal sand mining in the Coastal region.

“We had warned about severe sand mining in the area that could damage the bridge. We have provided all the necessary documents and the Lokayukta report too had pointed at the same. Uncontrolled sand mining continued even after that,” National Environment Care Federation secretary Shashidhar Shetty said.

“There was a small 500 sq feet island-like patch downstream which has vanished now due to sand mining. We had warned the government to stop illegal sand mining, especially near the bridges. Nobody had bothered when we had raised voice. In the last three years, we have seen severe damage to two bridges. The reason for the collapse of the Moolarapatna bridge in 2018 is still ‘unknown.’ There is no report on that,” he said.

Shashidhar Shetty has decided to approach the High Court.

“We will shortly approach the High Court. We want a proper probe- a judicial inquiry into illegal sand mining and the damage it is creating to the ecology and infrastructure,” he added.

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