Hangyo answers Naya Kya Hai with Jackfruit Ice-Cream

 Hangyo answers Naya Kya Hai with Jackfruit Ice-Cream
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An internal survey that Hangyo Ice-Creams, a household brand from Coastal Karnataka carries out consistently, vindicated the brand’s thrust to address beforehand the oft-asked question by consumers – Naya Kya Hai? (What is new?) Herein lies the answer to our latest offering – Hangyo Jackfruit ice cream. This product is also a reaffirmation of close ties that India in general and South India, in particular, has to this nutritious fruit.

An exotic fruit grown in tropical regions of the world, jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is native to South India. It is part of the breadfruit (Moraceae) plant family, which also includes fig, mulberry and breadfruit. Hangyo Ice-Creams pilot the R & D plant at Heroor near Udupi as part of its research efforts turned its attention to this fruit that most South Indians have grown up eating since their childhood. Vetted by influencers and bloggers, this product has now hit the shelves. 

As one of the top 10-leading ice-cream brands in India, it is a constant endeavour at Hangyo to address this Naya Kya Hai question that our discerning customers ask us, notes Pradeep G Pai, managing director. Answering this question for us is the company’s dedicated R & D team that keeps working on a variety of products and only the best of them is presented to people who are food connoisseurs in their own right and justifiably so, Pradeep Pai says.

With a thrust on Make In India slogan given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hangyo ice-creams in 2020 took a conscious decision to shift its product assembly line in the ice-cream range experimenting also with fruit-based products. The heightened craze for immunity boosters that the global pandemic brought forth in its wake saw Hangyo successfully introduce Tulsi and Turmeric based flavoured milk and also the much appreciated Ayur series with Ginger Lime, Isabgol and Wheat Grass ice-creams.

Jackfruit ice cream is a natural extension of this thrust to give discerning ice-cream lovers the latest fruit-based product to go with Anjir, Chikku, Guava and Sitaphal already in our production line. The crunchy bite of jackfruit in the ice cream gives one the feel of literally reliving their childhood delicacy with a modern healthy feel to it. Jackfruit is known to offer various health benefits and the Hangyo R & D team has brought this to the fore in a manner that will leave all smacking their lips. 

The fact that Customers have widely accepted our products reinforces our mission of giving simply the best to them, Pradeep Pai says. The jackfruit ice cream is available in a box of eight cups of 100ml each and is priced at Rs 240. “It is an absolute delight to present this offering at a time when jackfruit is the much talked about fruit of the season,” Pradeep Pai says, adding, “Till our next launch, eat healthy, stay healthy, stay safe and stay happy.”

To order, log on to Hangyo Ice Creams/Call: 9845222777/9845577904.

This post has been published in arrangement with Jaideep J Shenoy

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