Now SMS alert for second dose of COVID vaccine in Udupi

 Now SMS alert for second dose of COVID vaccine in Udupi
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Udupi, May 12, 2021: While getting a COVID vaccination has turned to be like a ‘race,’ in some places, the Udupi district has come up with a unique initiative to streamline the process in the Municipality limits.

There is confusion due to the short supply and many people coming to the vaccination center for their second dose. People fear that delay in the second dose might make the first dose useless.

People queue up in the hospitals for their turn and finally those who fail to get end up scolding the government and administration. There were also incidents when it ended up with heated arguments.

To put an end to all these and fine-tune the vaccination process, Udupi district administration has come up with a unique plan of sending an SMS alert to the eligible people for their second dose on the day prior to vaccination. This service has been started in the Udupi Municipality area.

The district administration has a database including the phone number and date of vaccination of all those who have received their first jab. As and when the district administration receives vaccine stock, an SMS will be sent to the eligible citizens based on their seniority to get their second jab. The list will include even those who had taken the first dose in a private hospital.

If a person is unable to visit the vaccination center on the day the SMS is sent, the system will retain his name. His name will be at the top and while sending the SMS next time, he will get the SMS again.

This will put an end to the confusion and also decrease the rush at the vaccination center.

The district administration has started this in the two centers- at District Hospital (St Cycily’s premises) and also Urban PHC at Manipal.

“We have seen people waiting in long queues and returning if they fail to get the vaccination. To prevent such confusion and to streamline the system, we have come with this system,” Udupi Additional DC Sadashiva Prabhu said.

“This system has been stated in Udupi Municipal limits. In villages the local PHCs will contact the people through ASHA workers,” he added.

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