Gram Panchayat Election: Strict measures to prevent interference by political parties

 Gram Panchayat Election: Strict measures to prevent interference by political parties
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Karwar, Dec 14, 2020: Countdown has begun for the Gram Panchayat election.

While it is a known fact that the Gram Panchayat elections should be held on a non-party basis, many candidates, as well as political parties, indirectly hint at the political affiliation.

One of the most heard words during the Panchayat election is ‘our party supported candidate.’

Section 7 (2) of Karnataka Gram Swaraj and Panchayat Raj Act 1993 is clear on holding the election on a non-party basis. So the political parties use the word ‘our party supported candidate,’ or the candidate campaigns claiming ‘support,’ of a political party.
As using such deviated means would spoil the basic objective of the act, the Election Commission has decided to put an end to such practices.

The Election Commission-Karnataka has sent a letter to all the Deputy Commissioners asking to ensure that the Panchayat election is held as per rules. It has asked the officials to take strict action against any violations.

Guidelines to be followed:

  • No meetings or conventions with political flags or banners during the campaign.
  • No political party should introduce a candidate as the ‘party-backed,’ candidate.
  • Candidate should not print and distribute pamphlets or handouts with photos of political party leaders or party symbol
  • No campaign using photos and party symbols.
  • No candidate can issue advertisements to the media with photos of a political party or party symbols.

The Election Commission has asked the officials to seize if any materials are distributed by violating the guidelines. The respective Deputy Commissioners and Superintendent of Police have been asked to take strict actions in case of violations.

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