Extension of festival special services

 Extension of festival special services
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Mangaluru, Dec 03, 2020: The service of trains between Gandhidham and Tirunelveli have been extended.

The following Special train services will be extended with revised timings as detailed below:

1. Train No.09424 Gandhidham – Tirunelveli weekly special  will leave  Gandhidham  at 04.40 am.  on Mondays  and reach Tirunelveli at 11.35 pm. on Tuesdays will be extended  up to 28th  December 2020.

Revised Timings :
•Panvel- 16.55/17.00 hrs.
•Madgaon- 01.50/02.00 hrs.
•Mangaluru Junction- 07.30/07.40 hrs.
•Kozhikode –  10.37/10.40 hrs.
•Shoranur Junction-  12.20/12.30 hrs.

2. Train No.09423 Tirunelveli  – Gandhidham weekly special  will leave  Tirunelveli at 7.40 am on Thursdays  and reach  Gandhidham at 2.45 am on Saturdays will be extended  up to 31st  December 2020.

Revised Timings :

  • Shoranur Junction-  17.00/17.05 hrs.
  • Kozhikode –  18.22/18.25 hrs.
  • Mangaluru Junction- 21.50/22.00 hrs
  • Madgaon- 03.50/04.00 hrs.
  • Panvel- 13.20/13.25 hrs.

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