COVID war room opened in Karwar

 COVID war room opened in Karwar
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Deputy Commissioner Dr Harish Kumar at the war room

Karwar, Nov 20: Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Kumar K inaugurated the sophisticated COVID War Room at Karwar on Friday.

The war room is operational on the third floor of KIMS-Karwar.

Once a person is declared COVID positive, the staff in the war room will call them. If the patient is asymptomatic and does not have any health issues, the patient would be allowed to continue in Home Isolation. However if health problems or symptoms, then the patient will be shifted to Hospital. The officials in the war room will decide on this.

The war room will also have clear real-time details of the bed available in every hospital. Based on this information, the officials will guide the patient to reach the nearest hospital.

The officials here will also make necessary provisions to send Ambulances to the patients.

“This war room will have all the data and details of the COVID cases in the district. This will help in handling COVID cases better and effectively. Also, we can plan our future move based on the real-time data available here,” Deputy Commissioner Harish Kumar K told The Canara Post.

Though the total number of cases and active cases is less in Uttara Kannada, the district administration has taken all precautionary measures.

As of Friday the total cases in the district is 13,573. The district has 226 active cases.

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