Dr Arathi Krishna to inaugurate Mangaluru Dasara

 Dr Arathi Krishna to inaugurate Mangaluru Dasara
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Mangaluru, Oct 16: NRI Forum former vice president and COVID warrior Dr. Arathi Krishna will inaugurate the famous Mangaluru Dasara at Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatha Temple on October 17.

Under the leadership of former Minister B Janardhan Poojary, this year’s Mangaluru Dasara is being held with the slogan ‘Namma Dasara-Namma Surakshe.’

Thus the temple management found Arathi Krishna as an apt person to inaugurate Mangaluru Dasara.

About Dr. Arathi Krishna

Dr. Arathi Krishna was born in Udupi, to Seetha and Begane Ramiah. Ramaiah was a Congress leader who hailed from Begane near Sringeri in Chikkamagaluru district.
An advocate, Ramaiah had served as MLA of Sringeri and also as the Minister of Rural Development.

Dr. Arathi Krishna, who always believed in extending helping hand to others, played an active role during the COVID pandemic and bringing over 40 thousand NRIs back to India. Despite her contributions and social work, she is never behind publicity.

Dr. Arathi Krishna is the recipient of various awards including the prestigious Rajyotsava Award, Honorary Doctorate from Kuvempu University, Mahatma Gandhi Samman, Dubai Kannada Kayaka Ratna, Indian Community Advocate Award, awarded by Governor of Maryland. People who have appreciated the contributions made by Arati Krishna have given the title- Malanada Indira.

The illuminated Kudroli temple on Friday night

Saturday’s (Oct 17) programme:

9.30 am: Guru Prarthane
11.30 am: Kalasha Pratiste
12: Inauguration of Dasara
12.30: Navardurga and Sharada Pratista
12.30 pm: Puspalankara Mahapooje
7 pm: Bhajan Program
9 pm: Pushpalankara Pooje

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