Haliyal, Dandeli in flood-hit taluks list

 Haliyal, Dandeli in flood-hit taluks list
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Karwar, Oct 09: Karnataka government has included Haliyala and Dandeli in the list of flood-hit Taluks.

The two Taluks are among the 43 Taluks in 16 districts named in the second list.
On September 10, the state government had declared 130 Taluks of 23 districts as flood-affected. While Ten Taluks of Uttara Kannada were declared flood affected, Dandeli and Haliyal were left out in the list.

Haliyal MLA and former Minister R V Deshpande had pressed to add these too Taluks to the list as it would help in providing compensation to the affected people.

The efforts of Deshpande have borne fruits. The state government has included these two taluks in the new list of flood-hit Taluks.

“Due to heavy rain and flood there were huge loss to property and crops in Haliyal-Dandeli taluks. But they were left out in the list. After getting the necessary details about the losses from the officials and the Deputy Commissioner, I had brought it to the notice of the government. The state government has now declared them as flood-affected,” R V Deshpande tweeted.

“This will help the people who lost their property and crops,” he said and thanked Revenue Minister R Ashok and officials.

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