Transportation of debris in open trucks to attract fine

 Transportation of debris in open trucks to attract fine

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Mangaluru, Sep 07: With trucks carrying construction debris creating a public nuisance, Mangaluru City Corporation has initiated strict action to put an end to it.

Open vehicles carrying construction debris create lot of problem to the people. The dust not just results in air pollution but also creates a problem for the riders. There are also incidents where the soil and debris which fall from these trucks result in accidents.

In various platforms, activists have raised their voice against this. Akshy Shridhar, who recently took charge as the Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation, has taken serious note of this and has warned to take strict action.

“Such activities are violations as per Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act. Thus we have issued strict order to transport these debris only at night in closed vehicles,” the Commissioner said.

“Strict action would be initiated against the violators and the City Corporation will impose fine to clean the road. Also, the permit of such constructions would be canceled,” the Commissioner warned.

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