Karnataka State Board of Auqaf issues advisory for COVID-19 burial

 Karnataka State Board of Auqaf issues advisory for COVID-19 burial
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Bengaluru, July 16: The Karnataka State Board of Auqaf has issued order for the decent burial of dead bodies of Muslims, died due to COVID-19 pandamic.
“In exercise the powers conferred under Waqf Act 1995, it is hereby ordered that, the Management Committees/MuthawalIies/Administrators responsible for the management of Muslim Khabarastans in the state of Karnataka irrespective of Registered or Unregistered in the Waqf, shall not refuse the burial of Muslims died due to COVID-19 pandemic,” the order issued by Cheif Executive Officer states.
“They shall co-operate with all the Nodal Officers designated for this purpose regarding the decent burial. Non co-operation or refusal on the part of the Management will be construed as an insult committed to the deceased,” the order said. The order was issued on July 16. 
“Any violation of the above Order will attract the punitive provision of Indian Penal Code and removal from the Management as per the provisions of the Waqf Act 1995. The Waqf Officers, District Waqf Advisory Committees of the state, shall ensure the adherence of this Order, and circulate the same to all the Managements of Khabarastan Registered or Unregistered in the state. No further deliberation in this regard is solicited except compliance of the order in letter and spirit. Any dereliction in this regard will be viewed seriously,” the order added.
The order comes as it is reported that, some of the Management Committees of Khabarastan, are not co-operating to bury the dead bodies of COVID-19 pandemic.
“The Board, in its earlier circular has also cautioned the Management of Waqf Institutions and Khabarastan which are reluctant to allow the decent burial in the Khabarastan will be punished under the provisions of Indian Penal Code and the punitive provisions of the Waqf Act 1995 as well. The District Magistrates and the Superintendant of Police in the Districts have been requested to prosecute the erring Management Committees who are responsible for non co-operation in this regard,” the order stated.

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