Udupi City Municipality takes measures to increase water level at Baje Dam

 Udupi City Municipality takes measures to increase water level at Baje Dam
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Udupi, April 09: When an increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country and problems caused due to the LockDown has grabbed the attention of the people, the district administration has initiated measures to ensure Udupi does not face water crisis during summer.

The decreasing water level in the Suvarna River has raised the concern of the officials and elected representatives of Udupi.
The Baje Dam built across Suvarna River, about 20 kms from Udupi City, is the main source of water for Udupi City Municipality limits and adjoining villages. Last year Udupi had faced an acute shortage of drinking water as the Suvarna River had completely dried up. Water was rationed and supplied through tankers.

This year the district administration has taken up the issue seriously.
To save water, the officials have already changed the timings of water supply in Udupi city for about a month.
Despite the officers and elected representatives busy with the COVID-19 and LockDown issue, they have already started taking necessary measures to ensure that the water supply is not affected at this time of crisis.

The Udupi City Municipality officials have begun pumping water accumulated at Sanabettu. This is done to ensure that the Udupi city gets portable drinking water during summer. MLA Raghupathi Bhat had been to the spot along with officials to supervise the work.
Three pumps draw water at Sanabettu to Shiroor dam and two pumps there would then help in passing it to the Baje dam.
Officials are trying their best to maintain the water level at the Baje dam and ensure that it lasts till monsoon.

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