Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner bans entry of vehicles carrying COVID-19 patients

 Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner bans entry of vehicles carrying COVID-19 patients
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Mangaluru, April 02:

Taking strict measures to stop the patients from Kerala entering the city, Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner S Ajit Kumar has banned entry of vehicles carrying persons affected with COVID-19.
“It is brought to my notice that an emergency situation has arisen due to the outbreak of a dangerous virus COVID-19 which as the report suggests is spreading in the neighboring state. Due to the proximity of Mangalore City to the said state and keeping in view the health and safety of the residents of this city, it has become the paramount function of the commissioner to take all steps which would keep the citizens of this city protected from its attack,” the Commissioner said in the order.
“Since the said virus is reported to be spreading through the movement of people and by coming in contact with people who are already afflicted by the virus, it becomes necessary for the Commissioner to restrict their movement of vehicles and people of the neighboring state within the City of Mangalore City Corporation limits,” he said.
One of the obligatory functions of the Corporation under Section 58 (22) of the KMC Act is ‘preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases.’
The Commissioner has issued the order considering the report of MCC Health Officer and all the circumstances of the situation and to check and prevent and control the spread of the dangerous disease COVID-19.
“By exercising my emergency powers as provided in Section 64 (1)(b) read with Section 58(22) of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1975, I hereby ban the movement of vehicles carrying persons who are affected ore are likely to have come in contact with the virus called COVID-19 or are suspected to be suffering from any such or other contagious diseases from entering within the limits of Corporation of the City of Mangaluru,” the order said.
“I hereby authorize all the officers of the Health Section of the Corporation to strictly enforce the order,” he added.

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