Mission Sagar: INS Kesari reaches Mozambique with 500 Tons of food aid

 Mission Sagar: INS Kesari reaches Mozambique with 500 Tons of food aid
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New Delhi, Dec 26, 2021: As part of yet another deployment undertaken by Indian Navy since May 2020 under Mission Sagar, Indian Naval Ship Kesari entered Port of Maputo, Mozambique on December 25.

This is the eighth such deployment in consonance with the Prime Ministers vision of Security And Growth for All in the Region and is being conducted in close coordination with the Ministry of External Affairs, and other agencies of the Government of India.

These deployments were conducted in solidarity with India’s extended Maritime Neighbourhood and highlights the importance accorded by India to these special relationships. 500 Tons of food aid has been shipped by INS Kesari to support the efforts of Government of Mozambique to cope with ongoing drought and concurrent challenges of pandemic.

India also remains committed to supporting the capacity building efforts of the Armed Forces of Mozambique. To this end INS Kesari is carrying two Fast Interceptor Craft and self defence equipment to be handed over to the Armed Forces of Mozambique. 

INS Kesari, a Landing Ship Tank (Large) had undertaken similar mission in May – June 2020 to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comoros, including deployment of Medical Assistance Teams of the Indian Navy in multiple locations.

Since May 2020, the Indian Navy has deployed ships to 15 Friendly Foreign Countries under SAGAR missions. These deployments spanned over 215 days at sea have delivered a cumulative assistance of more than 3,000 MT of food aid, over 300 MT LMO, 900 Oxygen Concentrators and 20 ISO containers.

Whilst undertaking, these missions Indian Naval Ships have traversed a cumulative distance of close to 40,000 nm which is nearly twice the circumference of earth. With a steadfast intent of making such high quantum of humanitarian assistance reach its destination in time, personnel from ships and shore organisations of Indian Navy have invested close to a million man-hours to deliver succour to our friends overseas.

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