INS Shardul brings MV Kavaratti safely to Kochi

 INS Shardul brings MV Kavaratti safely to Kochi
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New Delhi, Dec 19, 2021: A fire had broken onboard MV Kavaratti (Lakshadweep Development Corporation Limited Run Ship) in the starboard engine room on Nov 30 30, which was subsequently extinguished by the crew.

However, because of the damage caused by the fire, the ship could not start her engines and had anchored off Androth island awaiting towing assistance for repairs. 

Based on a request from the Lakshadweep administration for towing the ship from Androth to Kochi for repairs, the Indian Navy in a quick move dispatched INS Shardul to Androth for rendering assistance to the disabled ship on Dec 16.

INS Shardul reached the area on Dec 17.

An expert team of officers and sailors of INS Shardul alongwith Officer-in-Charge Naval Detachment Androth Lietanant Commander Bishnu C Panda embarked MV Kavaratti and undertook a detailed assessment of the damage.

During the interaction, the Naval crew assisted the crew of MV Kavaratti in starting the ship’s port engine. Towing gears were passed to MV Kavaratti by INS Shardul and towing trials were conducted with MV Kavaratti. The trials provided the much-needed confidence and reassurance to the crew of MV Kavaratti towards towing operations in case of failure of the port main engine enroute.

After rehearsing various emergencies, INS Shardul escorted MV Kavaratti safely to Kochi on Dec 18. During the transit, personnel from INS Shardul and Naval Detachment Androth were embarked onboard to provide assistance to the MV in case of any machinery breakdown.

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