Coast Guard Karnataka rescues 7 fishermen near Karwar

 Coast Guard Karnataka rescues 7 fishermen near Karwar
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Karwar, Nov 06, 2021:The timely and swift action by the Indian Coast Guard saved 7 fishermen in distress on a fishing boat that was engulfed in fire near Karwar lighthouse on Nov 5.

Fire was reported onboard Fishing Boat Varda Vinayaka-I (Reg No IND KA 02 MM 4495) due to short circuit in wheel house. The fishing boat was then at a distance of 10 NM from Karwar lighthouse.

On receipt of the message by MRSC New Mangalore at 10 pm on Nov 5 from CSP Malpe sources, C-155 from Karwar was sent at 10.15 pm for SAR Mission to assess and evaluate the situation.

The fishing boat apparently had 7 fishermen crew onboard. The Coast Guard Ship C-155 reached the datum at 10.15 pm and immediately swung into the action of dousing the fire after ascertaining all 7 crew shifted to nearby fishing boat IFB Vajra (Regd No. IND KA 02 MM 4705).

The Coast Guard Ship braving the inclement weather took 3 hours to completely douse the seat of the fire.
On assessing that there was no further possibility of fire outbreak, C-155 provided all assistance to IFB Vajra for towing IFB to Karwar Fishing Harbour.

On completion of the rescue mission, C-155 handed over the subject vessel to CSP Karwar Boat for further investigations. All seven fishermen are in a healthy state and all possible moral support to fishermen was provided by ICG.

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