Karwar AC’s initiative towards vaccination

 Karwar AC’s initiative towards vaccination
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Karwar, Sep 29: Officials are adopting various measures to make people get themselves vaccinated against Covid. Still, many are reluctant or sometimes hesitant to take the vaccination.

The Assistant Commissioner of Karwar Vidyashri Chandaragi grabbed the attention on Wednesday when she accompanied health workers during their door-to-door visit at Maldarvad in Karwar Taluk.

Amidst rains, holding an umbrella, Vidyashri was seen walking from one house to another along with Tahshildar N F Noronha enquiring the people about vaccination. In those houses where she found people were not vaccinated, she would try to make them understand the importance of vaccination.

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Villagers who were convinced agreed to get vaccinated and the health officials who were with the Assistant Commissioner vaccinated those people.

This has attracted appreciation from the public.

“Words of a Doctor and senior officials makes a lot of difference in rural places. The Assistant Commissioner visiting houses and convincing the people is a great move,” Red Cross Disaster Management Team district head Madhav Nayak feels.

Vaccination Maha Mela was conducted in the district on Wednesday. Vaccination was conducted at all the PHCs and sub centers.

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