Ganeshotsava: Karnataka issues guidelines

 Ganeshotsava: Karnataka issues guidelines
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Bengaluru, Sept 05, 2021: The state government has issued guidelines on Ganeshotsava celebration.

Some of the important points of the guidelines:

  • Ganesha festival should be organized within the temple or at the residence or government/private open place with a minimum number of people.
  • The Ganesha idol should not be above four feet in public places and not more than 2 feet within the house.
  • The organizers should get permission from the local Panchayats, Municipalities. Encourage to organize only one Sarvajanika Ganeshotsava in a ward. The celebrations should not exceed 5 days.
  • Not more than 20 devotees should be allowed at a time. Arrangements should be made to ensure this.
  • The organizers should have a Covid-19 negative report and about being vaccinated.
  • The organizers should organize vaccination at the places of celebration.
  • Ganesha should be installed ensuring that the public and vehicle movement is not disrupted.
  • No cultural program or DJ is allowed.
  • No procession is allowed while installing the Ganesha idol or Visarjan.
  • Those who worship Ganesha at Home should do Visarjan at home, those organizing in public places should do it in the pit or mobile tanks or artificial Visarjan tankers installed by the administration.
  • Daily sanitization of the premises. Thermal scanning and sanitizers for the devotees.
  • Organizers should ensure six feet distance through marking.
  • Devotees and the public should wear masks.

Click HERE to download the guidelines

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