Vittala Pindi Celebration held at Udupi

 Vittala Pindi Celebration held at Udupi
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Udupi, Aug 31, 2021: The ‘Vittalapindi,’ celebration was held at Udupi Sri Krishna Matha on Tuesday.

The day after Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated as ‘Vittalapindi,’ in the temple town.

After the rituals in the morning, Mahapooje was held. As yesterday was fasting as part of Janmashtami, the Mahapooje was held early today. Sri Krishna was offered ‘Vajrakavacha Alankara’.

In the evening the Vittalapindi celebration was held. The clay idol of Sri Krishna was brought from the Matha to the Chariot on the golden palanquin. After the Mangalarathi to Sri Krishna on the Golden Chariot, the procession was held as per the tradition.

‘Mosarukudike,’ was held at the ‘Gurjis’ installed in various places of Rathabeedi.

Watch video live (also watch the recorded video of the procession):

After the procession, the clay idol of Sri Krishna was brought back to the Matha and taken for the ‘Avabrutha Snana,’ (Holy Bath). Devotees participated in the event.

This marked the end of the two-day Janmashtami celebration at Udupi.

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