Janmashtami celebration in Udupi

 Janmashtami celebration in Udupi
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Updated at Aug 31, 3 am

Krishnam cha, Balabhadram cha…

Udupi, Aug 30, 2021: Arghyapradhana was held at Udupi Sri Krishna Matha during ‘Chandrodaya,’ at midnight.

Paryaya Peetadhipathi Sri Eeshapriya Tirtha, Sri Vidyasagara Tirtha of Krishnapura Matha, Sri Vishwapriya Tirtha of Adamaru Matha and Sri Vidyavallabha Tirtha of Kaniyooru Matha offered Arghya near Krishna and later infront of Tulasi.

Devotees too participated in the Arghyapradhana event.

Updated at 10 pm

Udupi, Aug 30, 2021: Udupi Sri Krishna Matha has been beautifully decorated with various types of flowers and Tulasi. The special program will be at midnight, during Chandrodaya, when ‘Arghyapradhana,’ will be offered to Sri Krishna and Chandra.

Meanwhile the clay idol of Sri Krishna which will be taken in the procession tomorrow has been given the final touch. 

Updated at 3.30 pm:

Swamijis prepare Laddu for Krishna

Udupi, Aug 30, 2021: Swamijis prepared Laddige (laddu) to be offered to Sri Krishna.

Paryaya Peetadhipathi Sri Eeshapriya Tirtha Sripadaru, Vishwapriya Tirtha of Adamaru Matha, Sri Vidhyadheesha Tirtha of Palimaru Matha, Sri Vidyavallabha Tirtha of Kaniyooru Matha and Vidyarajeshwara Tirtha of Palimaru Matha prepared the laddus.

They will be offered to Sri Krishna during the special Janmashtami Pooje today.

11.30 am:

Laksha Tulasi Archane to Udupi Sri Krishna

(News will be updated regularly today)

Udupi, Aug 30, 2021: Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebration has begun in Udupi.

After the daily rituals and pooje in the morning, Sri Eeshapriya Tirtha Sripadaru offered Laksha Tulasi Archane to Sri Krishna.

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Udupi Krishna is in ‘Navaneetha Krishna,’ (Bala Krishna) alankara.

As the Matha administration has made arrangements for the devotees to have darshan, a good number of people from Udupi and distant places offered prayers to Krishna.

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