CET held in DK and Udupi

 CET held in DK and Udupi
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Mangaluru, Aug 28, 2021: Amidst weekend lockdown, students appeared for the CET today.

The entrance test is being held amidst pandemic by following all Covid guidelines. While weekend curfew exists in the districts, officials have ensured students do not face any problem.

Officials said that in the morning session of the 8,655 students, 5,856 were present and 2,799 students did not attend. In the afternoon session of a total of 8,654 students, 7673 appeared and 981 were absent.

In Udupi district, out of the 3,597 allotted students, 2,132 appeared and 1,465 were absent in the morning session.
In the afternoon session of the 3,597 students, 3,341 appeared and 256 were absent.

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