Rail fracture detected near Mangaluru: Patrolman shows danger signal, stops train

 Rail fracture detected near Mangaluru: Patrolman shows danger signal, stops train
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Mangaluru, Aug 25, 2021: An alert patrolman who found a fracture on the track stopped a train by showing a danger signal near Mangaluru today.

Loco Pilot of Train No.06098 Yog Nagari Rishikesh – Kochuveli Express Special train was stopped between Kulasekhara and Padil block Section near Mangaluru after the Track Maintainer Chandankumar, who was on patrolling duty, showed a danger signal. He informed them that some clips were found broken in the section at 1 am on August 25.

The section comes under Assistant Divisional Engineer (Mangaluru) of Palakkad Division, Southern Railway.

On reaching the spot, the Assistant Divisional Engineer, Mangaluru observed hit marks on the track from the Padil yard crossover point no.52B at km 7/950 to 8/700 on a right-hand curve.

Clips on the outer side of the outer rail were holding the rail but clips inside of the outer rail were in damaged condition for 500m. The bottom flange in the Gauge Face (inner side) was dislocated and tilted.

Along with the damaged Clips, a rail fracture was also observed at km 8/ 520 and the train wheelset was just ahead of the fracture.

The train was cleared from the section at 6.13 am and it arrived at Mangaluru Junction at 7 am. The train traffic was restored in the section at 9.04 am.

Following this:
(i) The service of Train No.06098 Yog Nagari Rishikesh- Kochuveli Express was stranded between Kulashekhara and Padil section for 315 minutes.

(ii) Train Cancelled
The service of Train No.06602 Mangaluru Central- Madgaon Intercity Special- on August 25

(iii) Trains Delayed
The service of Train No.02431 Thiruvananthapuram- Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express Special left Mangluru Junction with 405 minutes delay.

Train No. 06585 KSR Bengaluru – Karwar Express Special left Mangaluru Junction with 382 minutes delay.

The service of Train No. 06336 Nagercoil – Gandhidham Express is regulated at Manjeshwaram station and further trains run with 312 minutes delay.

The service of Train No.06345 Lokmanya Tilak Mumbai- Thiruvananthapuram Netravathi Express was detained at Suratkal station and further, the train arrived at Mangaluru Junction with 278 minutes delay.

The service of Train No.02283 Ernakulam Jn. – Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto weekly special is detained at Kasaragod station and the train arrives at Mangaluru Junction with 255 minutes delay.

Catering facility
Food packets and drinking water were arranged for the passengers of detained trains.

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