Mangaluru: Fearing Covid, couple commits suicide

 Mangaluru: Fearing Covid, couple commits suicide
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Mangaluru, Aug 17, 2021: A couple committed suicide fearing Covid and black fungus near Mangaluru.

Ramesh Kumar and Guna, the residents of an apartment near Panambur, died by hanging at their house today morning.

It was around 6.45 am and Mangaluru Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar gets a call on his phone. It was an unusual call as the person on the other side told the Commissioner that he would commit suicide.

“I tried to convince him but he disconnected the call. I tried to call him back and also sent a message. As there was no response I tried to find his address by contacting the public and police,” Shashi Kumar told reporters.

“In 20 minutes officials reached the apartment where the two were living. But they had committed suicide. They had left the note which states about the health problem she (Guna) had also that they feared Covid,” he added.

In the death note, Guna stated that she had seen her relatives suffer from Covid and also seen the problem of Covid and Black Fungus through the media. Her husband had developed Covid symptoms in the last few days.

The note states that scared of Covid and black fungus the two had decided to commit suicide.

They had placed ₹1 lakh on the table near the death note and wanted the Hindu outfit leaders Sharan Pumpwell and Sathyajith Surathkal to perform their last rights.

A source said that Ramesh had spoken to his relatives the previous day and sounded normal. However, within hours they got the death news. The two lived in an apartment which they took on rent. They had a good relationship with their family members.

“They wanted us to perform the last rights and so we did. But it was a sad incident,” VHP leader Sharan Pumpwell said.

“Today medicine is available for Covid and Black Fungus. Also, vaccination has been developed. I request people not to take such steps,” he added.

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