SELCO powers NEKRTC’s mobile toilet

 SELCO powers NEKRTC’s mobile toilet
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Bengaluru, April 07, 2021: The North Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) in partnership with SELCO Solar Light Private Limited has executed a very innovative project to build a solar power mobile toilet bus in Gulbarga.

While the bus was getting refurbished and fabricated to convert the bus into toilets, the SELCO team proposed to solar power the complete bus.

It is fitted with tube lights, wall-mounted fans, and exhaust fans at various places inside the bus. It has both western as well Indian-style toilets and a baby feeding room. This complete project was executed under the guidance of Kurma Rao, Managing Director of NEKRTC.

“We wanted to pilot this project to showcase a model which is in line with the sustainable development goals which were adopted by the member states at the UN in 2015,” Mohan B.Hegde, CEO of SELCO stated.

“The solar system produces 2000 KWh of solar power every year. Consequently, the reduction in carbon footprint due to the use of renewable energy is to the tune of 1.6 CO2, per year. This is also equivalent to planting 75 fully grown trees. The project was specifically done during March to celebrate womanhood and highlight the importance of empowering women through assisting our rural women folk with facilities for sanitation & hygiene. This project is unique and can be scaled across various districts in Kamataka. Old & discarded buses can be put to good use in this manner”

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