Energization of overhead equipment and wires in Padil-Kulashekhara and Jokatte-Panambur sections

 Energization of overhead equipment and wires in Padil-Kulashekhara and Jokatte-Panambur sections
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Mangaluru, March 05, 2021: On completion of electrification in the Padil – Kulasekhara and Jokatte -Panambur section including New Mangaluru Port Trust (NMPT) , Udupi Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL), Mangaluru Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF) sidings will be energized with 25,000 Volts, AC single phase supply from March 8.

As the overhead lines and associated equipment carry the voltage as high as 25,000 Volts, to create awareness among public, passengers, workers, statutory warning boards have been exhibited in important places in the electrified section.

Public, Passengers, workers are requested to adopt the safety precautions to be followed in Electrified Sections.

  • Do not come in contact directly or indirectly with electric cables and connected equipment.
  • The chances of suffering electric shock is very high voltage electric cables
  • Using unfolded umbrella beneath the high voltage electric cables during rain or lightning is dangerous.
  • Do not climb up on OHE masts/Locos/Carriages/ Wagons etc. Youngsters often become prey to electrocution while climbing on top of the rolling stocks for taking selfies.
  • Do not throw objects on the OHE lines from railway over bridges/ Foot Over bridge as they are likely to cause severe electric shock.
  • Do not try to cut/trim trees which are close to the OHE line. Do not carry out any work within 2m distance from live OHE wire. This requires prior permission and switching-off of the electric supply. Such works should be done only in the presence of authorised traction department staff.

At Level Crossings:

  • Do not load the vehicles beyond the permissible height.
  • Do not travel on top of the road vehicles. Height gauges are provided to denote the safe height which a vehicle can maintain beneath the OverHead Electrical wire.
  • Even though height gauges are provided, extra caution should be taken in the instances like transporting elephants, carrying iron flag poles during processions etc.

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