All eyes on DK Shivakumar’s visit to Udupi

 All eyes on DK Shivakumar’s visit to Udupi
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Udupi, Nov 28, 2020: KPCC Chief and Master Strategist D K Shivakumar will be in Udupi on November 29 to sensitize the party workers for the forthcoming panchayat elections.

BJP has already held various public programs apart from the grassroots level organizing events throughout the district.

Now all eyes are on Shivakumar’s visit to the district.

DK Shivakumar will arrive on Sunday morning and address the party workers convention in Udupi at 11 am

Though Udupi was a strong base of Congress in Panchayats, in recent years BJP has succeeded in grabbing the majority of the Local bodies. Panchayat election has come at a juncture when the party is badly in need of a strong force that would unite the workers.

“Udupi district was known as the bastion of Congress. People still remember leaders like Oscar Fernandes, Madhwaraj, Manorama Madhwaraj, and also her son Pramod Madhwaraj who had served the party and also the public. But there is a need for a strong team that can organize the party and chalk out strategy,” a senior Congress leader told The Canara Post.

“Though not in power Pramod Madhwaraj enjoys a great support and continues to have a rapport with the public as well as party workers. Due to this Congress is still strong in Udupi constituency. But there is a need for a team that would bring the lost glory of the party,” he feels.

“Shivakumar’s visit is likely to boost the morale of the party workers. He is known for his strategy. Though Congress may not be able to overtake BJP in the Panchayat election, his visit and strategy will strengthen the party at the grassroots level and our party will give a fight to BJP. President coming to the district will send a strong message and boost the morale of the grassroots level workers, which is the need of the hour,” another leader said.

“During the last Parliament election, the state and national leaders had almost forgotten the Coastal districts. Now we are happy that the KPCC president is camping in our district,” he added.

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