‘Stop widening footpath at the cost of road’

 ‘Stop widening footpath at the cost of road’
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Mangaluru, Nov 08: Bhaskar Kiran, a social worker and former BJP president of the Attavar ward has urged Mangaluru Smart City Ltd Chairman Ponnuraj V to stop the broadening of the existing footpath along the three-lane concrete road between Clock Tower circle and AB Shetty Circle.

The memorandum submitted by Bhaskar Kiran notes that the road already has a sufficient wide footpath and further widening it will reduce the existing three-lane concrete road that handles heavy traffic. The road will get congested resulting in traffic jams.

“The decision to broaden the existing footpath at the cost of reducing the three-lane concrete road on the entire stretch is illogical. The buses that stop at the designated bus stops will now hinder free traffic flow,” he stated in the memorandum.

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