Raghupathi Bhat asks people to get tested for COVID

 Raghupathi Bhat asks people to get tested for COVID
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Udupi, Sep 02: With the total number of deaths reaching 100 in the district, Udupi MLA Raghupathi Bhat has requested people to get themselves tested immediately if they developed COVID symptoms.

Bhat has made this request in Tulu as well as in the Kannada language.

“People should not hesitate. They should go to the nearby health center where the test is free. People need not fear if they are tested positive as they can be under Home Isolation if they are fit,” Bhat said in the video.

“We have seen people undergoing self-treatment at home and then rush to the hospital when the health condition deteriorates. It will prove dangerous for the elderly and those with other health issues. So if anybody develops any symptoms of COVID, they should immediately get themselves tested,” he requested.
He has also asked people not to heed to rumors on social media.

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