Mangaluru: Indian Coast Guard Rescues 15 Syrian mariners

 Mangaluru: Indian Coast Guard Rescues 15 Syrian mariners
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Mangaluru, June 21, 2022: In a prompt and swift SAR Mission, ICG saved the precious lives of 15 Syrian nationality mariners from a foreign flag ship MV Princess Miral which ran aground off New Mangalore on June 21.

The mission was coordinated by Indian Coast Guard Ships Vikram and Amartya.

The crew abandoned the ship due to a breach in the hull and ingress of water in holds. The vessel was sailing from Malaysia to Lebanon.

The successful operation and seamless coordination of Maritime Search and Rescue in the Indian Search and Rescue Region by ICG Units reaffirm ICGs capabilities as a nodal agency for M-SAR in the Indian Ocean Region.
The operation strengthens ICGs commitment through its motto We Protect.

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