Regularization of any religious structure is unacceptable: HJV

 Regularization of any religious structure is unacceptable: HJV
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Udupi, Sept 25, 2021: The Hindu Jagarana Vedike has demanded the state government to withdraw Karnataka Religious Structures (Protection) Bill-2021 by September 26.

In an interview with the Samvada YouTube channel, Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) Kshetriya Sanghatana Karyadarshi Jagadeesh Karanth has questioned the need for such an act.

“It is a bill tabled and passed in the assembly in a hurry and people have raised doubt about it. An overview of the act indicates that legal experts have not been consulted. Also, it does not have a preamble mentioning the Court’s order and the need for passing the act,” Karanth said.

Hindus and our organization cannot agree on this act. The Supreme Court had given an order with a good intention that needs to be followed. Our stand is clear. Before clearing any temple the local villagers should be consulted and enough time should be given to shifting it. We are clear that our intention is not to oppose Supreme Court order,” he reiterated.

“The bill is such that we have doubt Governor of the state accepting it. If it reaches the President’s office then we do not have any doubt in him turning it down,” Karanth added.

He demanded the MLCs to oppose it when the bill reaches the Upper House and asked the Governor not to sign the bill.

“Regularising any religious building is unacceptable. This could pose danger in the future day for internal and social security. The urgency in passing such a bill could prove dangerous,” he warned.

Karanth also placed an interesting fact where he said that the bill was tabled in a hurry to nullify MLA Ramdas’ private bill.

Meanwhile, the HJV has also asked the government to immediately take action against the erring officials.
“The government should suspend those officers who demolished temple at Mysuru. Also, action should be initiated against the Deputy Commissioner who is an IAS officer,” he demanded.

To rebuild the temple at Mysuru HJV has demanded the government to provide ₹ 1 crore.

“We will give time till September 26 for the government to withdraw the bill, take action against the erring officials and pay ₹ 1 crore for the reconstruction of the demolished temple. If the government fails we will be forced to come to the streets,” he added.

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