Karnataka’s protocol for students and employees from Kerala

 Karnataka’s protocol for students and employees from Kerala
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Mangaluru, Sept 01, 2021: The state government today issued new circular on protocol for students and employees coming to Karnataka from Kerala.

In view of the prevailing COVID-19 situation in Kerala, special measure are already in place for arrivals from Kerala.

As it has been observed that the students and employees arriving to Karnataka from Kerala though bringing Negative RT-PCR reports are testing Covid 10 positive during repeat test and number of such cases are considerably high in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi.

In this regard, certain instructions have already been issued.

Due to this the state government has now issued detailed instructions for the students and employees coming from Kerala for strict compliance:

  1. All students/ employees shall compulsorily bring negative RT-PCR certificate that is not older than 72 hours & is irrespective of their Covid vaccination status (one or two doses certificates). However, the validity of such certificates is for one week/ seven days.

a) The necessary arrangements for Institutional Quarantine (IQ) of students from Kerala has to be done by the Administrators / Principals of the educational institutions .
b) In case of employees necessary arrangements for IQ has to be made by the respective companies / firms.
c) Under no circumstances such persons shall be permitted to be in home isolation.

  1. The persons shall compulsorily be in Institutional Quarantine (IQ) and under strict supervision for seven days. On the seventh day they shall be tested by RT-PCR and on testing negative shall be released from IQ.
  2. They shall 1urther do self-assessment and in case of onset of symptoms shall get RT—PCR Test done, seek medical consultation and follow the State protocol.
  3. The person who tests positive shall compulsorily be shifted to a CCC and the contacts tested by RT-PCR, and if negative placed under IQ for seven days and on testing RT-PCR negative on the seventh day shall be released from IQ.
  4. In cases of breakthrough infection ( > 14 days aRer second dose ) and samples with Ct value of <25, shall be compulsorily sent for whole genomic sequencing and pending results the samples may be subjected to reflex/variant PCR testing (after the test kits are validated) to know the variant quickly.
  5. Arrivals from Kerala other than students and employees, should produce theRT – PCR negative Test report and should be in Home Quarantine for 7 days.

Other permitted exemptions for IQ are as follows :
a) Constitutional functionaries, health care professionals and their spouses.
b) Children below 2 years.
c) In dire emergency situation (death in the family, medical treatment etc.,)
d) Short term travelers (within 3 days )
e) Students arriving to Karnataka for examination along with one parent each (within 3 days)
f) Passengers in transit from and to Kerala via any mode of transport.

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